There are many things which come to my mind when thinking about chocolate.

Like the best bag of chips. Or that delicious delicious chocolate frosting that I licked off a cupcake the other day (it had been too dang good!). Also, how sometimes it saves me on a bad day.
For me, eating chocolate is a lot like falling in love; it offers me a pleasure that can not be explained.
Needless to say since I am borderline enthusiastic about special and salty pairings, the ocean Salt Soiree completely blew my brain. I can only explain that eating it is an encounter which you can’t lose out on. I sensed like I had been floating in a few type of euphoric dream.
We broke the club into little items and ate raspberries in between each bite – was it simple? Yes. But it was lovely and tart, then savory and salty and intense. Mostly it was just perfection inside a bite.
The Intense Dark Toffee Interlude made drinking my coffee taste heavenly and a bit like caramel. The chocolates itself was sweet and crunchy with small bits of almond.
Could you imagine it using a Chai Tea?! Simply too dang great.
Lastly we enjoyed the Hazelnut Heaven CHOCOLATES, which I have to say will be fantastic with cheese. Today it may seem that combination is weird, but could you imagine it melted on the crusty little bit of breads with roasted strawberries and brie parmesan cheese? Um yes… HAZELNUT HEAVEN is completely right!
Ugh. I need to savor delicious chocolate moments more often.
My new preferred is making s’mores with Ghirardelli Intense Dark Chocolate squares. Creamy marshmallow with nice, unique chocolate and a crunchy graham cracker. I can’t get enough!
Think about you? What’s your favorite chocolate pairing If you want to learn more information on Stuffed Zucchini Boat Carbs visit the webpage. ?

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