OMG. Life’s been crazy recently. I mean actually insane. Using the #SummerSWEATseries occurring, recipe development, other amazing projects plus travel, I haven’t acquired the opportunity to sit back and really compose to you about what’s been taking place in my lifestyle.

So let’s step back a few months and chat about all the deliciousness, good things, bad rubbish and everything among. But first proceed grab your morning sit down elsewhere and then we are able to sit down for any chat.
Some time ago, I attended a conference in Chicago with some bloggers. We rented a house and everything got together and discussed everything blogging. I took aside so many beneficial stuff for AK; it usually helps to get outside perspective from others inside your industry. Plus, I adored meeting various other bloggers that I’ve often noticed on the web but never really had the chance to meet personally.
Here’s a picture of me and my good friend Rachel from Rachel Cooks She’s wonderful in every way and I’m therefore happy I got eventually to know her through blogging. And in even more thrilling new, I’ll be taking place another blogger retreat following weekend (Rachel is usually hosting! When you cherished this article as well as you would like to get guidance concerning stuffed zucchini Boats with lamb generously go to our web page. ). I’m uber excited!
Hmmm what else?
I acquired the outcomes of my MRI back again. If you remember a few months ago, I stated that I got a pretty serious neck/back injury which was limiting my physical exercise. Lately it’s got quite better due to acupuncture and a fresh cervical cushion I bought off Amazon. YAY.
I’m also becoming mindful of what We eat because of a possible swelling response in my own body (via bloodstream tests). I’ve been pretty good generally. Primarily, I’m aiming to become great to myself and my body, which includes taking days off and indulging in Buffalo Wild Wings with Tony. Ha!
Here’s another spotlight from recent months: Getting together with Sarah from Broma Bakery Sarah and I ‘met’ online a couple of years ago. I stumbled upon her blog page and immediately noticed her skill for cooking doughnuts, cookies and having a distinctive style.
What I noticed immediately with Sarah, is that she has an incredible talent for pictures, something that I feel like I’m not the very best at. I asked Sarah to come to Chicago to accomplish a few photoshoots beside me and in exchange I’d teach her a few things about the technical aspect of blogging. What we both didn’t realize is the fact that we’d become such friends and hit it off like we’d known one another for years. Seriously it was redic.
I mean, simply check her away with Milly; they truly became besties after 1 day.
Of course, we weren’t simply going to discuss blogging the complete time she was in Chicago. We had been on a objective to eat and EAT WELL. Early one morning we stood in line for the Doughnut Vault for a good 45 a few minutes. While their doughnuts had been good, they definitely weren’t our overall favorites.
BTW In the event that you reside in Chicago, I’d love to hear your doughnut recommendations!
Once morning following a super sweaty hot yoga exercise session at Corepower, we decided to dive into pancakes. These delicious chocolate chip ones are from Wildberry pancakes and are probably the greatest in the city.
FYI: You need to know that in the event that you move there on a weekend, you happen to be bound to hold back at least an hour. Sarah and I waited for an hour and a half. #worthit #carblovers
I can’t wait for Sarah to come back again. We’ve already got a vacation planned in August. YAY!
My grandpa and grandma at their wedding ceremony in 1954.
Now onto some not so great news…
A couple weeks back, my grandfather passed on unexpectedly. It was heartbreaking for my children, particularly for my Grandma. These were wedded for over 60 years and led a beautiful life together including the delivery of seven kids. My Grandpa was a sugary man with the corniest jokes, and we all loved him for it. He was someone who never judged you but rather gave advice predicated on life encounter. He was honest, adoring and kind.
My Grandpa and my Mom at her graduation.
We will miss him dearly but constantly love him and hold onto the memories we’ve.
If you’d like to read even more about my Grandpa, you can check out my recipe for his favorite better-for-you banana muffins or find out about their sweet like story
Like is beautiful and he had a wonderful lifestyle.
In various other news, I’ve been trying harder to plan out my meals so that I’m prepped for the week. The formula above can be Lee’s Healthy Kung Pao Poultry It’s freaking delicious; I made it 3 x in fourteen days.
I’ve been actually into making grain-free recipes, especially ones with coconut flour. I love the taste, consistency and the fact that it’s FILLING because of the healthy fat, fiber and proteins. Just say yes to healthful fats! I recall once i utilized to be so afraid that body fat would make me body fat. It’s not the case at all. I’d know because I eat a sort Bar daily alongside a minimum of two to four tablespoons of nut butter. Haha.
I am publishing them SOON.
Loved making this Taco southwest salad with the amount of good tastes. I ate it for a few times and added some delicious turkey taco meat too. It’s basically everything you need this Summer. And it’s gluten free. CHOMP CHOMP.
This recipe is coming sooonnnnnn! It’s not grain-free but it is really a burger. And burgers = delicious. Yes they are a healthier version… what do you expect?
BTW DILL PICKLES FTW. I can’t even talk to people who like loaf of bread and butter ones. Jk… but really?
Have I talked about that I have become enthusiastic about tennis? It might be the only real sport that I’m somewhat decent at so I figure I would as well try my greatest. I made Tony go buy rackets so we’re able to play at his Summer months house in Alabama.
Just call me Serena. Or Venus. Or John McEnroe.
My favorite snacks lately include these deliciously crunchy freeze dried strawberries. I want to reside in the bag permanently and ever.
Wow I’m super dramatic today. (For those who couldn’t tell.) But really, they’re just 100 calories for the ENTIRE BAG. It just satisfies me knowing I could polish off the entire thing. Am I the only person?
Next snacking obsession? Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter I began buying the little packets for while i head to Tony’s football games and don’t want to consume whatever they are selling in the concessions. I rip open up one of these and eat it right from the packet, no spoon needed!
The tiny packets do satisfy me for two hours. I’ll avoid those sizzling hot dogs at all costs. LOVE LOVE Like.
I’d love to know: What’s your favorite nut butter recently?
My last favourite treat: Skinny margarita.
I did so have this great tasting margarita at just a little Mexican restaurant called the Little Donkey in Birmingham, Alabama. I always order a brand new margarita within the rocks with a small amount of agave. So basically it’s tequila, refreshing lime juice, triple sec and handful of agave. Delicious and not made out of weird stuff.
Last week Tony had time off baseball so he came residential to Chicago for a couple days. We strolled around the city, checked out restaurants, noticed a show at Second City and slept in. It was wonderful.
If you haven’t been to Chicago in the summertime, you most surely should get your ass here pronto. It’s an absolutely gorgeous city over the water… and the food is THE Preferred.
Here’s a pizza we appreciated at Eataly (in Chicago). It had new mozz, basil, spicy salami and essential olive oil. Absolutely incredible!
The next pizza we tried was from Homeslice Whether it’s an option, I usually get pineapple on my pizza!
And that’s what I’ve been up to so far this Summer.
I’m planning on taking a while off from your blog in July, but we’ll see if that occurs. I haven’t any crazy travel coming up, other than a short visit to Michigan for the blogger retreat. For once, I may be within my house for a lot more than a couple weeks. I’ll be back again with part two of the life span Lately summer model later in the season.
I’d love in the event that you adopted AK on interpersonal:
Gail Orcutt
Hope you have a great 4th of July weekend!
YES! Isn’t Frontera the best?! Did you try a margarita?
Glaze and Infused changes their doughnuts regularly so I haven’t acquired those two yet. Sounds Mouth watering though.
And this also one:
(They are amazon affiliate links BTW)
Speaking of lovely, your grandpa appears like he was a truly lovely man. My grandparents will celebrate their 60th loved-one’s birthday this year as well and it’s simply therefore inspiring to see this kind of long-lasting real love. I hope your grandma is doing well. It should be therefore strange on her behalf to not possess him by her part, but it sounds like they had an excellent long life jointly.
I’m so happy the MRI didn’t show anything critical but BOO for no true solution yet. I am hoping PT helps and get you back to yoga asap.
Okay see ya Friday moneybags! xo

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