Vegan Chocolates Avocado Pudding Pie with Salted Almond Time Crust

How much can you love a food? Because I’ve dropped right into a deep dark romance with this chocolate avocado pudding pie.
I know, I understand. Sounds weird, best? But at this time I feel like you all know me sufficiently that if I put a peculiar ingredient in something and let you know it’s amazing, you know I’m speaking the reality. The proof? Black bean avocado brownies. Chickpea delicious chocolate chip cookies. Chickpea blondies. Black bean truffles. Lentil blondies.
All of those recipes sound strange, but We promise that they are tasty AF. (If you don’t know very well what that stands for, don’t talk to.)
Now relating to this sensational, creamy, rich chocolate pie…
Is it possible to believe the superstar ingredient in this formula just so happens to be avocados?! Shiny, green and potassium-rich avocados. Items are getting more interesting from the paragraph.
Let me describe: When you blend avocados together they end up being the best creamy and thick consistency, much like a thick pudding. Add in just a little cocoa powder and sweetener and you’ve got yourself an amazing vegan chocolates pudding!
ONCE I created this recipe, I knew I wanted the crust to become healthy, simple no bake. That’s where the salted almond day crust comes in! All you need to do can be process pitted dates, Blue Gemstone Oven Roasted Ocean Salt Almonds and extra sea salt to obtain the most addicting pie crust ever.
I put to leave from your crust because my fingertips kept shoving little pieces of the sides into my mouth.
As the 4th of July approaches, I think this would be an ideal no bake dessert. It only takes about 30 minutes to make and just needs to be chilled in the fridge for a few hours. I would recommend topping it with whipped cream (coconut if you like) and fresh berries.
Calorie consumption: 313
Body fat: 17.4g
Prep time:
20 mins
Total period:
20 mins
8 large Medjool dates, pitted (about 1 cup pitted times)
1 cup Blue Diamond Ocean Salt Oven Roasted Almonds
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
For the pie filling:
3 large ripe avocados, peeled and pitted
3/4 cup 100% natural maple syrup (I’d not recommend honey)
1/2 cup high-quality unsweetened cocoa powder (I use Divine cocoa powder)
2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon salt
Place pitted times and almonds within the plate of a food processor. Process until almonds, schedules and salt until they form a giant solid paste (about 2 moments). You’ll notice items of almonds within but they shouldn’t be large or chunky. If it’s too wet or dry, feel free to add more times or almonds.
Press right into a 9 in . pie pan functioning your way up the sides. I like to use a calculating cup to help me press the crust against the sides. Occur the freezer to chill and solidify while you make the filling up.
Rinse out your meal processor to remove any schedules or almonds. Next add in pitted and peeled avocados, maple syrup, cocoa natural powder, vanilla and sodium. Process until simple and creamy, scraping down the edges if necessary. If you are getting an avocado flavor, it’s mainly because your avocados had been too ripe. I would suggest adding in a tablespoon or two of nut butter at this time.
Pour into crust and simple the top with a spatula. Cover and refrigerate for 3 hours or over night. Pie is most beneficial when liked within 24 hours.
To serve: Best with coconut whipped cream (or regular whipped cream), berries and delicious chocolate shavings if desired. Acts 9.

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